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Car transportation service

It does not really matter if you have an expensive car, cheap car, antique car or a brand new one. What really matters is that it is transported safely without any damages. In order to achieve this task you have to search for a reputable and reliable car transportation service. The transportation service must provide a good package that benefits your need and is within your budget. However, when you are selecting a car transportation service you must be aware of certain issues pertaining delivery and transportation. You must take utmost measures to transport something as special as your own car. Small careless mistakes can cause damage to your car. Therefore, you must double check for any thing that you might have overlooked. These are a few things that you must consider while transporting your car:


Insurance is usually provided by the car transportation services. Your car is certainly one of the biggest investments you have made. If the car is allowed to transport with carelessness then you will have to bear the damages. In order to avoid this situation you must ask the car transportation service to provide you with insurance. Generally, majority of the car transportation services offer insurance. But, if you have encountered one that does not provide the service then you must ask them to do so. Reputable car transportation services provide you with insurance. Therefore, while searching for a transportation service you must always hire a reputable company. Many people think that it is a waste of money to buy insurance. But you never know what may happen during the course of the journey. If you get back a car that is damaged and uninsured then you have to pay extra to repair those damages.

Types of car transportation services

There are few types of car transportation services that you can choose from. You can choose the way you want your car delivered. The services offer door to door facility, open and enclosed transportation, terminal to terminal delivery and rail services too. Some of options may not be required at all, for instance, if the distance is not too large then you can opt for door to door service. In this case other options are rendered useless. The cost of the transportation depends greatly on the distance traveled and type of transportation service that you have chosen. Ensure that you understand each option and choose the one that will bring your car safely.


Schedules are another important part of the transportation service. You have to be clear about the time and date when you want the delivery of the car. Car transportation process can take days to complete. During the Pick Up Time your car has to wait to be loaded into a trailer according to the receipt of the order to transport. This time can stretch from two to ten days. The car transportation services usually request for a three day period to find a trailer and assign your car to it.

Transit Time comes after the Pick Up Time. This takes about eight to ten days depending upon the route and destination of the delivery. You have to be extremely patient while the transportation service takes its course. Therefore, you have to prepare one month in advance to the date of delivery if you want the car on time.