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Moving day can be one of the most sensitive days in your life. If planned carefully it can be the most exciting days in your life but if some thing or the other goes wrong, then it can be absolute mayhem. Thus if you don’t want to mess up this day, all you have to do is plan each and every thing carefully and let the chips fall. The first and the foremost thing which comes to the mind when you are moving is the packing of your things. The following are some of the tips which can help you to avoid utter chaos on moving day:

o Beds: To accommodate the complete beds in the moving trucks, you will have to first disassemble the main frame of the beds. You will have to tie pieces of the beds and the rails together so that they don’t move from their place and damage other materials. To keep the mattresses clean, you will have to use the mattress protection bags. Also, you will have to wrap the headboard in bubble wraps so that it doesn’t get damaged.

o Books: You must use small boxes preferably made of cardboard for the packaging of books and other stationary. Packing the books will help you store them better without any damage. Also, using of cardboard will make the boxes easier to carry and less heavy.

o Appliances: Appliances which are of regular use should be taken good care of. You can pack the small appliances in bubble wrap or waded paper in small boxes. For the bigger appliances the following are some of the tips:

§ Refrigerator: You must defrost the refrigerator first and then dry it completely. You can then fill the interior places with clothes and linen and stuffed toys. Also, you must first consult technicians first to know some specific things so that if your refrigerator has to be laid down during the travel, what things should be taken care of.

§ Washing Machine: You must take care that the tub of the machine is not clashing with the interior cover. For that you must stuff clothes and towels between the tub and the casing to prevent it. You must also disconnect all the appearing hoses.

o Chairs: To take care of the chairs the trick is to wrap the arms and the legs of the chairs to avoid any scratches on them. You can also bundle armless chairs with each other with a folded long cloth or even blanket or other padding between the seats.

o Baby Carriages and Bicycles: To save the cycles from taking up much of the space, just by lowering or loosening the handle bars of the cycle. You should also clean and cover the chain and the tyres of the cycle to protect other things from getting soiled.

o Clothes: To protect the clothes from getting soiled and damaged, you must hang the clothes like shirts, coats and dresses in the closets and pack the rest of them in the cardboard boxes.

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