storage facilities

While storing those unwanted items in storage facility can be a good idea to make your home clutter-free there are a few important considerations which must go behind your final decision. A storage facility which is located far away from where you live is a good idea provided you do not need to access any of the items on a regular basis. Then when you are trying to sell your house you want your house to look as clean as ever. You could remove many of the items which occupy critical floor space to a ‘temporary’ warehouse from where you can access your things at a short notice and without any trouble. Like these, there are several other considerations, some of which include:

- How often do you need to access your stored goods? This consideration is important as it will enable you to decide whether to go for warehouse storage or a self-storage unit. If you require storage for a short duration of time, then you should select warehouse facility, but if you wish to store official documents or other household goods which you need often, then select the self-storage unit which is located at any convenient place close to your home or office.

- How big or small should the storage space be? This is a question which confuses many contenders. It is very difficult to assess the square feet area that would be suitable for the volume of goods that you wish to store. The best and most feasible solution can come from people who are involved in the storage business. Ask for the opinion of the storage company representative regarding the size of the space that would fit your goods. Obviously he would like to have a first hand look of the goods, its shapes and volume before he can comment. Remember, it is always good to hire a space which is slightly larger that what would fit your goods. This will not only leave room for moving inside the space, it will also give you enough leeway to store items in future. It is worthwhile to remember that with warehouse storage you can tell the owner the exact amount of space that you will need. Whereas with self-storage units, you have to hire the pre-fixed sizes, though there are some varieties of sizes available.

- Cost is another important factor when hiring storage facilities. Once you know for sure the volume of space that you will require, you must do enough research to locate a storage company where you get the best value for money. For instance, if you are going to access your goods frequently, it would be wiser to pay a bit more and hire a space closer to home, than to hire a place several miles away, simply to save a few hundred dollars. While deciding on the company, do adequate market research to avail of the best quote.

- Before you sign any contract with a storage company, make sure that you understand thoroughly your own obligations as well as the storage owners’. Know for sure the payment terms and penalties for no or late payments. There are many private storage units who are very strict about payment dates and by law they can auction your goods if payments are not received on the due dates.

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